Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review a blush palette from Makeup Revolution. This palette is amazing! The shades are highly pigmented and are easy to apply to your skin.

This palette contains of eight different shades, six of them are sparkling and the other two are matte.

You can use these shades not only as blushes, but also as highlighters (sparkling ones) and the mattes can be used for contouring. Although this palette looks amazing, it smells really bad. When I first opened it the smell was intolerable, but as the time passed, I could not smell the chemicals anymore.


The shades I like the most are (obviously) the glittery ones – the second shade in the top row and first and second shade in the bottom row.

+ highly pigmented

+ inexpensive

+ can be used in different ways

+ looks glorious

+ easy to apply

+ cruelty free

– smells bad


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