Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you some casual looks. I found a brand called Vardagen, which makes amazing graphic tees that are perfect for casual looks. And did you know that vardagen in Swedish means everyday (convenient😊!) ?

I absolutely love this Vardagen shirt. The best part about it is that it is so comfortable (and yet so photogenic 😂 ) I also love the white and blue print, that kind of reminds me of unicorns 🙂 , and that goes great with my Replay shoes. I combined the shirt with Bershka black trousers (because they are the comfiest that I own) and a silver Fossil watch and the shoes that have amazing combination of colors.

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This Vardagen Bast Cat shirt left me speechless. It looks really powerful and artistic (although it made my boobs look weird). I combined it with the jeans that are already mentioned and Chuck Taylor’s All star shoes. These red shoes give this look a ‘boost’ and they are breaking the monotony of this black on black combination (not that it needs to be broken, though).

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That is all for today. Hoped you enjoyed this and found some inspiration 🙂

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