Lavish Lockets

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

Today I will be writing about Lavish Lockets, an UK based family company. Their lockets can be combined with various charms and backplates which make your locket unique and you can change the insides as many times as you want. They offer various different lockets in silver, gold and rose gold.

I will be reviewing Large Original Locket, watch style Bracelet Locket and various backplates and charms.




This watch style Bracelet is my favorite item from their store. It is delicate, elegant and made out of stainless steel which is also a plus. In the first picture I have combined it with Love Coin backplate, Black Gem Charm, Yellow Gem Charm and Aeroplane Charm and in the second one with Aeroplane Charm and Pink Glitter Dot. This bracelet is a great everyday accessorize because it looks like a watch but it can also be worn on special occasions. The thing I love the most about this locket is its strap (I have always loved the most simple straps on my watches).


The second item that I love is this Stainless Steel Large Locket that I have combined with Family Backplate, Silver Box Chain, Pink Glitter Dot, Birthstone Girl Charm, Black Gem, Aeroplane Charm and a Heart Charm. I would combine this bracelet with a white blouse and pencil skirt for a special occasion or with jeans and a white v-neck as an everyday look.


I have also bought these stunning backplates which amazed me with their designs and  details. I must say that I expected them to be much bigger but if they were any bigger they wouldn’t be as elegant as they are now.


P.S. this one is my fave


I also bought loads of charms which can be combined in probably over 50 ways 🙂


glitter dots


Their buying process starts with picking Chainst then Lockets, Backplates and the last step are Charms. All of these items cost £42 and I think that this is a fair price. I also like the quality of these products since I was expecting some less quality ones and I was afraid that I might get an allergic reaction (which I luckily haven’t).

Let me know what you would like for me to write in my next post in the comments and leave your opinions on this post too.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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