Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing Bodyfit‘s Diet Proteins, Weight Ctrl and Hunger Ctrl which I have been using for the last month.

Pozdrav svima! Danas vam donosim recenzije Bodyfitovih suplemenata i tableta koje sam koristila u proteklih mjesec dana. (hrvatsku verziju možete naći ispod slika)

UltraTone Meal Replacement Shake

What Bodyfit says: „With over 30g of protein per serving, Bodyfit UltraTone offers a multitude of health benefits while tackling hunger – making it ideal as a meal replacement. As the most filling of all the macronutrients, protein is the ideal choice for dieters or health enthusiasts wanting to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

This product comes in a 1.2 kg packaging and is supposed to last for about a month, but I still have some of it left. Since I love strawberry I chose that flavour and I didn’t regret it. It tastes really good and I have used it in my drinks (mixing into milk or water) and food (in smoothies, pancakes). I would reccommend using these proteins if you want to gain muscles or lose weight. However you should be taking them carefully and not replacing all of your meals with it.

Hunger Ctrl

What Bodyfit says: „Hunger Ctrl contains scientifically researched ingredients including Glucomannan and Inulin. These help to contribute to weight loss by binding with water, which creates a feeling of fullness, thus reducing your appetite. Additionally, Glucomannan also regulates fat metabolism and enhances gut health, while Inulin’s good bacteria, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, promote a healthy immune system.“

The packaging has 90 pills in it and Bodyfit suggests that you take 3 pills a day, but I didn’t do that. I took only one a day in the morning and drank a lot of fluid throughout the day. The pills did their job pretty well and I wasn’t as hungry as I normally am. It kept me full for about 7 hours and this is great if you want to lose some weight. I suggest you to take them if you have serious issues with your weight, but you should use them carefully. Please be aware that your body (especially in the young age) needs food to grow. So, if you have some doubts on whether you should take them or not, feel free to contact me here.

I have also tried Weight Ctrl but it is not available at their store anymore, but I think that they are pretty much the same as the Hunger Ctrl.

I didn’t have any goals at the beginning of the usage but now I am aware that I want to live a healthier life.

I am going to continue using the proteins, but I am still not sure about the pills (since I am still developing and need real food).

I personally think that supplemets are great if you want to gain muscles, however you should use them carefully. As far as the pills go, I suggest talking to your doctor about taking them first and then buying them.

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UltraTone Meal Replacement Shake

Ovaj proizvod dolazi u pakiranju od 1.2 kg i trebao bi trajati oko mjesec dana (no ja ga još uvijek imam). Budući da volim jagode, odabrala sam taj okus i nisam požalila. Proteini su vrlo ukusni, a ja sam ih koristila u pićima (umiješala sam ih u mlijeko ili vodu) i jelima (u smoothieu ili palačinkama). Preporučila bih ove proteine svima koji treniraju i žele dobiti na masi, ali i onima koji traže zamjenu za jedno jelo u danu. 

Hunger Ctrl

Ovih tableta u jednom pakiranju ima 90 i Bodyfit preporučuje da pijete 3 tablete dnevno, no ja to nisam radila. Ja sam pila samo jednu dnevno i to ujutro, a tokom dana sam pila puno tekućine. Primijetila sam da sam tokom dana bila manje gladna, a osjećaj sitosti je trajao i do 7 sati. Ovaj proizvod bih preporučila onima koji imaju problema sa težinom, ali mislim da bi s ovime trebalo oprezno postupati kako ne bi došlo do neuhranjenosti.

Također sam koristila Weight Ctrl, ali njega više nema u ponudi i smatram da djeluje na isti način kao i Hunger Ctrl. 

Nastavit ću koristiti proteine, ali za tablete nisam još uvijek sigurna jer sam još u razvoju i treba mi prave hrane za rast.

Osobno mislim da su dodatci prehrani sasvim u redu ukoliko ih se uzima uz obroke samo kao pomoć pri postizanju boljih rezultata, ali nikako ne preporučujem uzimanje samo njih kao obroke. Tablete mi se čine kao dobra ideja, ali s njima treba vrlo oprezno postupati i savjetujem da se prvo konzultirate sa svojim liječnikom, a možete se i obratiti meni ovdje

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These products were reviewed by Leonarda


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