Travel diary : Spain

Spain, the land of sangria, tapas and shopping. For most the ultimate vacation destination, but is it really that good or someone just made a great PR?


I visited Spain in June with my classmates and I just have to share the impressions with you.  When we first arrived in Barcelona, everything seemed alright. Locals on the benches in the park, kids playing, well the usual. We stayed in Hotel Rhonda (3*). The rooms were supposed to be for 4 people, but in reality they just put two extra beds in rooms for 2 people so there was no space for us to open our suitcases nor to do anything else. The food in the hotel was edible but not really tasty. Overall deserves the 3* it has.


Later that night we went out for a walk on the La Rambla. I honestly do not like Barcelona at night, it is full of strange people who will do anything to get you in trouble. There were loads of creepy men in large groups whom I was scared of. We then returned to our hotel but we couldn’t sleep because some kids aged between 4 and 11 were playing with fireworks. Who lets their children play with fireworks?!?

Next day we visited the Barcelona Cathedral, which was absolutely beautiful, Museum of Pablo Picasso with loads of precious artworks and Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia is truly a masterpiece and I reccommend that you visit it. The building is magnificent on the outside and fairytale-like on the inside. The outside is full of tiny details and sculptures. The inside is filled with colorful lights coming from the coloured glass. The columns appear to spread like branches on the ceiling and leave you breatheless.

We also visited the most beautiful park in Barcelona, Park Guell, Museum of Salvador Dali, Camp Nou and the beautiful Montserrat.

As we were so tight with our schedule we didn’t even manage to eat tapas, but there’s a cute tapas bar near the Cathedral, which we noticed 5 minutes before we needed to go 😦

Since Spain is known of its fashion brands we expected to see loads of people wearing the latest fashion, but we didn’t and were quite surprised. Even in Zagreb you can find lots of people who like to dress up (especially on saturdays).

Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral
Museum of Pablo Picasso
Park Guell
Park Guell
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia
Museum of Salvador Dali
Museum of Salvador Dali


Have you ever visited Barcelona? Tell me what you think about it!

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