How to stay fashionable and warm during winter

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great year and I wish you all the best for the upcoming one! 🙂

Today I will be bringing you some of my favourite winter combinations from Slay Girl that will make you feel like you have absolutely nailed the winter season.

#1 winter chic

This is by far my favourite look that I have created. I combined a white knitted dress, that makes your figure stand out, with a faux fur coat in which I fell in love! I would recommend wearing a simple and elegant black high heel and pink shades (even if there is no sun out).  I would wear this combination when going for a coffee on a sunday morning or when going out to a nice dinner with my most loved ones.


#2 warm & cosy

For this look I chose skinny jeans with pearls which I then combined with a nude sweater with a ‘twist’ on the back. I would complete this look with nude pointed strappy heels. I would personally wear this combination on everyday basis because of its simplicity and elegance while it is keeping you warm.



#3 sun-kissed

This combination is, in my optinion, such a refreshing one. I am absolutely in love with the warm yellow colour and the amazing design of the sweater. I would combine this sweater with a black skirt and pointed heels. This look is elegant and enchanting and I would recommend wearing it for special occasions.



#4 nude, nude, nude

Don’t you just love nude colours? I am absolutely fascinated with nude colours because they are easily combined with everything and at the same time they look incredibly good. I have matched this asymetrical sweater with a nude skirt and my favourite nude strappy heels. This combination is perfect for any kind of celebration, such as weddings, office/birthday parties, etc.



#5 home for the holidays

You know that feeling when you just want to dress up a bit while on holidays, but never do it becuase it is either too cold out to even think about going somewhere or because you are just lazy? Stop it! Be dressed up even if you are just staying in for the night. And for that occasion I have combined a gray cardigan with gray over-the-knee socks and a pink tracksuit, because why not? It is incredibly comfy and stylish at the same time.



*all pictures belong to Slay Girl Fashion


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